This chilly Sunday morning, I was reading Pinterest to pick up a few beauty and wedding planning ideas to share my knowledge with you guys (how smart do I sound right now!?)  I was sipping my delicious coffee as my mind wandered back to the wedding I attended the night before. And then it hits me! Wedding favours! So let’s jam! (…get it? Homemade jam is a popular DIY wedding favour? OK moving on.)

Yesterday, I attended my step-brother’s wedding and we received a bag of coffee beans and they smelled amaziiinngg! Of course, I’m a self-confessed coffee addict but, still, I thought the idea was different and refreshing. Who really wants a satin bag of sugared almonds, anyway? It was very DIY and a smart idea for a budget bride.

When I started planning away my big day, I wanted to get personalized coffee mugs as wedding favours. I was very disappointed when I realised it would cost me an arm and a leg, so I created a new Pinterest board and started collecting new ideas. Pin away, boys and girls!

VV PRO TIP #1 ~ Find a favour the represents your story.

You both love to party or you’ve travelled the world together (or want to!)? Find a focal point to help you brainstorm your favour idea. Something that all your friends and family would agree represents you. If you don’t know where to start? Do a quick survey, ask close friends to describe your relationship in a few words.

Maybe you play golf every chance you get. You could do a personalized golf ball and personalised golf tees! These can be cheaply bought in bulk and the best part is, the same can be done with any sport or passion. Tea lovers? Get personalized metal cans or print labels yourself and fill them up with your favourite tea. I ended up getting personalized shot glasses. The mommy life requires a lot of coffee but there are plenty of times when I need a shot glass more than my coffee mug!

VV PRO TIP #2 ~ The way to your guests’ heart is snacks!

candied popcorn favours in mason jars

How can you go wrong with edible treats? Plus, the possibilities are endless. Square little box, brown paper bags or even mason jars! Places like BulkBarn are filled with goodies. Yum, chocolate!

You could totally do a “Netflix & Chill” package if you want a cheap, cheeky and cheerful offering for a wedding in the cooler months.  Throw some candied popcorn in a bag with a cute ribbon to match your colour theme and TA-DA! Want to go a little fancier because you are a princess like me, do a mason jar with a vintage-style tag. Print them yourself or find them at stores like Michaels and Wal-Mart. YES! WAL-MART! They have a nice little section for weddings and the keyword here is cheapy, cheapy, cheapy! Buy blank labels and you can print classy, monogram stickers yourself, at home. These usually come on an 8 x 11 sheet which fits every printer and free downloadable templates are available (look for the link on the packaging).

Be creative and do your research. The affordable possibilities are endless, and don’t be afraid to be original!

Vanessa montreal beauty influencer

Vanessa is Love Sweet Deal’s resident beauty expert.

She’s a newlywedded, Montreal-based beauty and makeup influencer with a coffee addiction that rivals her Sephora addiction.

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